image 1: Challenge. Mom gave me her engagement and wedding band from her marriage with my father. My challenge is to use the materials to make a ring for my sister and I. I'm kind of scared about it..but my gears are going.

image 2: I piece of turquoise I carved the other day. I'm pretty excited about carving rocks right now. I don't know how I feel about this little guy...but i'm making a setting for him, and it's coming out pretty well!

image 3: Close up of a copper incense burner I make on commission as a birthday gift. It sits about a half inch off of the table. It came out really well! I love that I had to do some things I haven;t done in years with this. I also made myself a sandbag for forming. cool!

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Linda Everett said...

The incense burner is AWESOME! Mark loves it!