Another city scape has been made today. I've not been working too much lately. I'm getting antsy and need to make other things. I had a goal to make at least 4 different landscapes, so I need to do one more before I can move on.
I also have a show coming up. I'll participating in the Heart to Heart Art show benefiting C.H.O.P. (THe Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia). I have a huge box of rubber anatomical hearts, and need to come up with something to do with them. I have some idea's, but nothing is jumping out at me. Soon. Soon.


sweet tooth

So the piece I was going to make entitled "Sweet Tooth", changed dramatically. It still has the same ideas behind it, but the form, function, and overall design has changed. I like it a whole lot better than the original idea. Still might make that one in the future..who knows.

I am setting up shop on etsy.com. the address is goldencalfdesigns.etsy.com . Please Check back there for updates. Things posted here will be added to the shop so you can purchase them. There is also a button to request custom work. If you see something in the "sold" category, and you want one, please contact me through the custom work link, and we will arrange a sale.


Ok. Here it is. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.
I'm going to start working on a necklace I designed a while ago, and now have the means to do so. I'm excited about it. It's pretty simple, but it will also be a little bit of an experiment on construction.
Last night I worked on the second on the Home Sweet Home series. This time it's a rural theme with no specific local affiliation.
I started to fall asleep. Jeez. I need to start getting quality sleep...but there are just not enough minutes in the day. I will write more later when I have a photo to present.


I know I keep posting crap about my work area. Kind of lame. Whatever. Tonight I finished building the much needed soldering station. Another trip to Lowes, and about an hour and a half later...
It's 1/2 inch plywood covered with galvanized steel. It's really solid, the edges have been hammered over, and it's the perfect size. Yay! Now I can play with fire and hot metal without the constant worry that I will light something aflame.

Only a small amount of blood was shed during the making of this episode.


I did a major (but not complete) cleaning of my studio today. It feels good to be slightly more organized. I went to Lowes and got things to build a little soldering station. I still need to get some steel sheet for the surface and backsplash. I learned to hard way the other day... I scorched part of my bench with my benzo-propane torch. Thankfully it didn't go up in flames. I put a small fire extinguisher next to my soldering station...which should have been there from the start. You live you learn. For some reason all of the steal sheet at Lowes was super expensive. Does anyone know where I can get some inexpensive steel from?


I made this last night..assembled it this evening...took the photo's tonight..and can't seem to get it into the website. This is the first in the Home Sweet Home series.


www.goldencalfdesigns.com is officially online! There is really only just a bunch of "coming soon" pages...but I'm working on getting other things up. One step at a time! It's taken me a while to just get THAT up. I didn't realize this was going to be so confusing. There are so many things that go into starting a buisness. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. I have some buisness cards coming in the mail tomorrow, I have the website and e-mail working, I've been telling tons of people about what I'm doing.... Now to make things! I have a series I've begun to draw up that I will be starting tonight, (after a heavy day of cleaning). The series is called Home Sweet Home, and they will for the time being be available in necklace format. I will be posting photo's once I have one looking fairly decent. I will have them for sale through me, as well as maybe one or two at the Curiosity Shoppe. And if you didn't know already, I have 3 pieces there right now. 2 have sold already. Go take a gander at the goods!
I'm trying to decide how I will set up shop. I may have an etsy shop for golden calf, or I may just set up a paypal account and embed a payment system in the website. For now, just contact me directly with any questions, requests, love notes.