This is the new piece. It's called From the Banks of the Wissahickon. I really love making hollow formed objects. When I was in school, I thought it was awe full...but not I love the challenge.
The rock in the top of the ring is a piece of stone I found on a hike with my mom. There are so many rocks in Wissahickon that have flakes of Mica in it. This one has some flecks..but it's mostly grey. I carved the rock down and polished the sides, while leaving the top natural and rough.
This is another piece with the idea of talismen in mind. I would love to make more of these with rocks from other places i've visited or for other people with rocks or shells that they have.


today made me realize that I really need to add things to my portfolio page on my website...maybe even write a bio?
I've been working on a ring for a while now. Well I made most of it about a week or two ago...but I have been very puzzled by where I should go with it. I came to a conclusion this morning, while playing around with it. I'll hopefully be done with it tonight, and will post pictures later or tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it.
I need to sketch more. Ideas are floating around in my head. They need to be put to paper so I can work through them and develop the designs more.


I made this necklace the other day for my aunt Linda. Since I am super tired, you can just go read about it on her blog. She makes things too! (mostly bags made from ties!)