i'm really liking the way my display stuff is coming out.
a little too brain dead to say much else right now


What HAVE I been doing.... I've been making stuff...duh.
Here's a taste if some recent things....things that will be for sale at the Art For The Cash Poor event next month.
Yesterday I started collecting from thrift stores, old silver and glass for displaying my work. Getting pretty pumped about it...but still stress is leaking out of my pores. I know it will be fine, and only the first of many shows. It will get better the more I do. Thank heavens I have Dave here to help me get ready and support. It's so greatly appreciated to not have to it all of my own.
Oh...and the middle photo...that's just something I made for Beki.


just made this tonight. ooooo super cute. Going to make at least 5 of them. $30. Get em while they're hot!


I've been constantly thinking about the idea of talisman. I don't even believe in good luck per se, but the history of them are so fascinating to me. An object infused with positive energy and hope. As many of you know, I have a Rabbit foot tattooed on me, and I also carry around a real one. The meaning behind my tattoo doesn't have to do with luck, but rather a positive memory that I have retained from child hood; Special moments that I shared with my father, and my sister Beki. The foot that I carry is not from my child hood, but was a gift from Beki. So even if I don't think that it brings me luck, it reminds me of something good. It pushes a good memory into my head, which puts me in a good mood....and when I am in a good mood I radiate positive energy.... which brings positive situations my way. I guess in a round about way it is a "good luck" piece.
I also have an alligator foot on my keychain that sits next to the rabbit foot. I kind of put that there to mock the idea of having an rabbits foot...a severed animal foot...AND because it's the predator to the prey.
Man am I rambling or what?!
During my exploration of talisman, I decided to do something with a heads up penny. This is kind or a mock up. I don't like it..but it was you know...a sketch. While messing around with pennies, I discovered that pennies made after 1982 are copper plated zinc. Boy was I surprised when I had a torch over this penny, and it begins to shrivel up, then poop out a strange white metal, then disintegrate before my eyes. Shoot! So I've been going through my pennies and picking out all of the copper ones. You know it would cost more than a penny to MAKE a penny in copper at this point! I also am in the middle of another penny design..another one that I am not too excited about..but it also featured the eye of the pyramid.

This next picture here is of the embroidery I just finished that I will turn into a necklace, I am titling is Hush My Darling. I have some fancy idea's for the setting, and I excited to execute it in silver. I like how I can see my progression with technique and idea's SLOWLY evolving with my embroidered jewelry. I really have to stream line my work though. I seem to take so long to make things, which drives up my costs.