So it's been a little while since an update! Getting ready for the show last week was hectic...and i had decided to take a little break once it was over. I wore myself out a little bit, being the perfectionist that I am. Wait..is that perfectionist or control freak? Either way, I'm getting a bit antsy, and tonight is my first night back at the bench. I've been doing embroidery the whole time though. Can't seem to stop doing that! What most people consider tedious, I consider relaxing. Of course not on all accords though.
So the first pic (sadly blurry), is of my table at the Art For the Cash Poor...with David sitting behind it, neatly placing labels on my art cards :) Thanks David! I'm pretty happy with the way the display turned out. I did learn from seeing other tables though, that varied heights are a positive thing. I suppose it draws the eye around the table better. I should have thought about that...but you can't think of EVERYTHING your first time around! I also learned that the lower priced items sell better for the most part. Next time I will have more things in the 15-65 range. I had a pretty wide range of prices this time....from 15-199. Of course I have things that are a bit pricier as well...just not at that show. With more time and material comes more cost. I try to keep the prices down as low as possible though.

The second image is of a necklace that DIDN'T sell at the show, so I started wearing almost every day since. I've been getting an extraordinary amount of compliments on it, and think I will make a couple variations in the near future.

*** I will start listing in Etsy again soon, so keep your eye out!!!***

The last photo is of the embroideries I've been working on. I'm doing a catastrophic disaster series. They will most likely all be brooches...and similar in form to "Shark Attack". I am working out in my head a better way to put it together. I have some idea's brewing.
So far, I have completed the stitching for volcano, tornado, and almost done with plane crash. I really love them!! I'm hoping that when I am done, I will submit them to a show or a publication.

Alright..that's all for now. I'm going to go treat myself to a toenail painting, courtasy of rite aid pharmacy. (( I love going and picking out nail polish and walking out with every finger a different color..... the lime green was the best, but I bought a hot pink)) :)